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Diagnosis Survival 


Starting in 2024, I will be offering 1-on-1 coaching services to support the parents of children who have either recently been diagnosed with ADHD or who are struggling during any of the phases before, during and after their child's diagnosis. There are countless services, programs and coaching offerings out there, but almost all of them are geared towards giving parents the tools to manage or 'cope' with their children's disorder. Yet there are almost none focused and specialized to support the mental health of the parent(s) as they are trying their best to navigate their family through these choppy and unfamiliar waters. As a certified parenting coach, relationship guide and ADHD coach I feel a duty to present parents this offering!

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I offer a FREE 30 min. Exploration Session that allows you to see if my Coaching Services are the right fit for you.


Perhaps a teacher, a community member, family member or friend has mentioned repeatedly that they think your child might have ADHD. You sense that perhaps your child is not quite of the 'norm', yet you're not sure what to do. Should you get your child tested? Should you ignore what people say? The more time goes by, the more uncertainty and stress starts to build. We help you to ground yourself in certainty, to prepare you and your child for the diagnosis [should you choose to get one] and we keep you level-headed during the entire process.




You have decided to get your child evaluated (aka. tested) and the results are in. "Your child has ADHD." This is perhaps one of the biggest events in your life, next to getting married, having a child and loosing a loved one. This is when you need someone in your corner that guides you into the right direction and that aids you in keeping yourself mentally as healthy as possible. 



To medicate [your child] or not to medicate? That is one of the most important decisions of your life, and of the life of your child. The choice is yours and there is no one-size-fits all answer. As guides, we don't make the decision for you. We don't have a preference, although we have our own stance when it comes to medication. Ultimately, our job is to get you present to your own intuition and to the choice that makes most sense for your family at this time.



Most of our interested listeners either choose the alternative road or are thinking of doing so after the conventional, main-stream approach of simply giving their child medication does not feel right or has not produced the desired results. Perhaps, the traditional approach has manifested many unwanted and harmful side effects, both physical and psychological. Going down this road, much like any other 'unpopular' direction, requires for parents to surround themselves with knowledgeable, supportive and unconventional guides who understand their alternative approaches. 

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Schedule your FREE
Exploration Session Now!

We offer a Free 30 min. Exploration Session that allows you to see if our Coaching Services are the right fit for you.

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