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When our eldest son Khai was diagnosed with ADHD at age 6, we found ourselves at a fateful crossroads. 


Like millions of parents around the world, we were advised to medicate our son and give him a label we believed would brand him as “broken.” We worried this would negatively impact his self-image and limit his sense of what was possible in his life. 


Instead, we decided to dig deeper by first taking  a confronting look at every aspect of our lives  beyond therapies, nutrition, toxins and the current school. We closely analyzed our parenting style and even the state of our marriage as well as the stresses that we as Parents unconsciously bring into our home. 


We studied, questioned norms, and challenged the very core of our own life priorities and beliefs and chose to accept  radical personal responsibility  not just for Khai’s so-called disorder, but for our entire life as a family. We consciously chose to recreate a new life together... free of 'dis-order’.


What this approach created in our family was beyond our expectations.  Not only has our son Khai started to dissolve his hyperactivity and impulsivity, but he’s now thriving in wonderful and unexpected ways. Our own eyes and minds started to open up wide and as we got to powerfully see, accept, and celebrate him for the unique and powerful human being he truly is... and surprisingly so,  our whole family began to thrive. 


Our family's unexpected and life-changing transformation was our catalyst to create this website, the Podcast and the documentary film.  We realized that the research we've discovered and the insights we've had during our six year research journey could have a powerful impact on our world,  reaching far beyond our own family. We believe that this conversation has the potential to transform the narrative around ADHD for countless others around the world so they can thrive and live powerful, sovereign and fulfilled lives. 

For our family, ADHD is over!  For your family, it can be too! 


It all starts with your declaration...



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